The right Strategy leads to effective Execution that produces tangible Results. Analytics and Optimization use the compound effect of Inbound marketing to Accelerate your growth.

See how you can align the three groups of services we offer with your business objectives to achieve success


Developing a strong strategy is a critical step in inbound marketing that sets the path to attaining your ultimate goals. It’s a long-term project that requires a consistent approach, but in the end, it provides you with an integrated action plan to grow.


Different companies have different resources and objectives. That’s why we offer two types of execution campaigns designed to engage your audience and turn them into loyal customers. You may choose the one that better suits your requirements.

Analitycs and Optimization

By regularly analyzing your results, we’re taking the guesswork out of marketing efforts. Each month, we collect information about past campaigns and optimize the strategy to produce even greater outcomes in the future.


6Minded is definitely in the top re. topical knowledge and strategic insight.

Tim, CEO at TheFoodConvoy

6Minded delivered good work!

Joanna, Marketer at IoT Company

They’re very knowledgeable about HubSpot. With that background, they have been able to propose ideas for automating our processes with impressive speed. We expanded the scope of the project several times, and they were always quick to align with our needs.

Stanislaw, Marketer at Tutlo

Everything about working with Mat worked well. I would recommend him highly to others and I hope to work with him again soon.

Jarl, Founder at Zanolife

Their responsiveness, efficient communication, and product knowledge stand out.

Joe, CMO at Travel Guidebook Publisher

6Minded was very easy to work with a delivered high quality work. He brought some good ideas to the project and always delivered what was promised on schedule. I would hire him again.

Richard, Senior Marketer at Grokker

6Minded team is great to work with. They are responsive, open to take feedback and adapted to changes in the project. Their deep subject knowledge enabled them to give us direction and advice – just what we were looking for in an agency.

Barbara, Head of Corporate Communication at Gelato

They’re experts in the lead generation field. They know how to generate proper leads. We worked with other SEO companies who generated terrible leads that didn’t make sense for our target market. 6Minded fully understands the clients we’re looking for and successfully targets them.

Ben, President at The Doctors Answer

They're very experienced and knowledgeable about HubSpot. They understand our business goals and go above and beyond to help us accomplish them. Also, they're very responsive and provide exceptional customer care.

Wenyu, Growth Lead, Consumer Finance Company

Our marketing department still uses HubSpot, and the processes we developed with 6Minded are now standard protocol. With their help, we were able to scale marketing operations and tap into new client pools. Also, our number of leads grew more than we expected.

Marta, Head of Lead Generation at Docplanner

We are more than happy with the work on this project and look forward to hiring for more projects in the future. They are responsive, creative, and diligent in every phase of the work.

Dexter, CMO at NET(net)

Excellent communication and pleasure to work with 6Minded team.

Aled, Founder of Mediator Academy.

6Minded team did a very great job in HUBSPOT in building module and design pages. We will work again with him.

Valery, CEO at Nodeum