Attention Grabber

An actionable plan to draw in the right leads and engage your existing customers.

We perform two types of campaigns

Lead Magnet Campaign

An integrated campaign where we create one significant Lead Magnet, all supportive (promotional) materials and help you distribute that content in owned, earned and paid media.

Creative Outcomes:

Main Material:

  • 1 Lead Magnet Content Offer or 1 Content Cluster Page

Supportive Materials:

  • Landing Page
  • Thank You Page
  • 3 Supportive Blog Articles

The topic and format are related to specific Buyer Personas (foundations needed: Buyer Persona) and Journey Stage (foundations needed: Buyer’s Journey).

Thanks to the Content Creation Plan that includes evaluation of your current content we know what’s missing and where to start.

The Lead Magnet is used to generate new leads but also to convert visitors and move prospects down the Marketing and Sales Funnel.

  • 3 Emails
  • 5 Website and Social Media
  • Promoting Posts and Ads
Distribution Methods:
  • Off-page SEO
  • Social Media Chanel
  • Email Promo
  • Adding banners and CTAs – promo on your own website
  • Outreach Preparation
  • Adding smart content mapped to the buying cycle


  • Online Paid Advertising Campaigns

We will prepare a landing page, supportive blog posts (with the right keywords based on the Keyword Strategy), emails, banners for your website, and posts for your social media profile to share your new pieces of content across all owned channels.

Influencer, Portals and Content Partners and Outreach Strategy allows us to create a plan on how to connect you with other people and businesses to share the Lead Magnet with them. You will be responsible for the execution.

Additionally, we can prepare ads and paid advertising posts to further promote your Lead Magnet. It’s a quick and scalable method to generate valuable leads.

  • Advanced Email Marketing Workflows

We use marketing automation to move prospects down the Marketing and Sales Funnel. When someone downloads a piece of content, we set up 5-10 additional emails offering them more useful knowledge and encouraging to read related articles, get more content, sign up for a webinar, request a demo, download a trial version, or buy your product.


The campaign usually takes 4-12 weeks to create, publish, distribute, and generate leads.

Skills We Use

Strategic Thinking

Project Management


CRM & Email Marketing

Social & Community Management

Content Strategy

UX Outreach & PR Planning

Paid Media Management


Graphic Design

Web Development


Activites We Perform

HubSpot Implementation & Development

HubSpot Management

Website Optimization

Marketing Automation

Lead Segmentation

Lead Management


Article Campaign

A simple campaign where we create an article and use owned and earned media for distribution.

Creative Outcomes:

Main Material:

  • 1 Blog Article

Supportive Materials:

  • 1 Email
  • 3 Social Media Promoting Posts
  • CTA Alignment that will drive traffic to other landing pages

The topic is related to specific Personas (Foundations needed: Buyer Persona) and Journey Stage (Foundations needed: Buyer’s Journey).

Thanks to Content Creation Plan, where we evaluated your current content, we know what’s missing and where to start.

An article has the right keyword density and helps you generate more organic traffic, but is also used to nurture existing leads and move them down Marketing and Sales Funnel.

Distribution Methods:
  • One Social Media Channel
  • Email Promo
  • Outreach Preparation

Additional :

  • Online Paid Advertising Campaigns

We will prepare visually appealing blog posts, emails, and updates for your social media accounts, so we can use all of your owned channels to spread the information about a new piece of content.

Thanks to Influencer, Portals and Content Partners as Outreach Strategy, we will create a message and a plan for you on how to connect with other people and businesses to share your lead magnet with their audience. You will be responsible for connecting with them.

  • Standard Email Marketing Workflows

Using marketing automation, we will add an email to the existing campaigns or design a workflow for the audience who visited related posts but not this one.


The campaign usually takes 1-4 weeks to create and publish.

Skills We Use



CRM & Email Marketing

Social & Community Management

Activites We Perform

HubSpot Management

We provide end-to-end campaign execution starting from $1000 a month.

Clear terms, transparent conditions

We never lock you into a long-term services contract, however, the minimum project duration when strategy creation is involved is 3 months.

A well-executed marketing strategy must be much more reactive. If we see that some content works exceptionally well, we will commit more resources to leverage it. To the contrary, when we test some distribution channel and report low engagement, we will leave it out and dedicate our efforts to other activities.

All the above channels and assets are reviewed and optimized on a monthly basis as part of our
 Growth Acceleration Services.


6Minded is definitely in the top re. topical knowledge and strategic insight.

Tim, CEO at TheFoodConvoy

6Minded delivered good work!

Joanna, Marketer at IoT Company

They’re very knowledgeable about HubSpot. With that background, they have been able to propose ideas for automating our processes with impressive speed. We expanded the scope of the project several times, and they were always quick to align with our needs.

Stanislaw, Marketer at Tutlo

Everything about working with Mat worked well. I would recommend him highly to others and I hope to work with him again soon.

Jarl, Founder at Zanolife

Their responsiveness, efficient communication, and product knowledge stand out.

Joe, CMO at Travel Guidebook Publisher

6Minded was very easy to work with a delivered high quality work. He brought some good ideas to the project and always delivered what was promised on schedule. I would hire him again.

Richard, Senior Marketer at Grokker

6Minded team is great to work with. They are responsive, open to take feedback and adapted to changes in the project. Their deep subject knowledge enabled them to give us direction and advice – just what we were looking for in an agency.

Barbara, Head of Corporate Communication at Gelato

They’re experts in the lead generation field. They know how to generate proper leads. We worked with other SEO companies who generated terrible leads that didn’t make sense for our target market. 6Minded fully understands the clients we’re looking for and successfully targets them.

Ben, President at The Doctors Answer

They're very experienced and knowledgeable about HubSpot. They understand our business goals and go above and beyond to help us accomplish them. Also, they're very responsive and provide exceptional customer care.

Wenyu, Growth Lead, Consumer Finance Company

Our marketing department still uses HubSpot, and the processes we developed with 6Minded are now standard protocol. With their help, we were able to scale marketing operations and tap into new client pools. Also, our number of leads grew more than we expected.

Marta, Head of Lead Generation at Docplanner

We are more than happy with the work on this project and look forward to hiring for more projects in the future. They are responsive, creative, and diligent in every phase of the work.

Dexter, CMO at NET(net)

Excellent communication and pleasure to work with 6Minded team.

Aled, Founder of Mediator Academy.

6Minded team did a very great job in HUBSPOT in building module and design pages. We will work again with him.

Valery, CEO at Nodeum