Consistent results require a consistent strategy

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  1. Do you feel you don’t understand where your leads come from and how to scale lead generation?
  2. Are your marketing tactics unproductive or you’re not sure how to measure their effectiveness?
  3. Do you understand the inbound methodology, but somehow it doesn’t work as promised?
  4. Do you spend too much time and money on marketing and can’t prove ROI?

Who needs an Integrated Inbound Strategy?

Everyone. Small and large businesses alike often make mistakes they’re not even aware of. The right strategy will help you avoid many mistakes.

An all-inclusive, tailored marketing strategy costs $2000.

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6Minded team is great to work with. They are responsive, open to take feedback and adapted to changes in the project. Their deep subject knowledge enabled them to give us direction and advice – just what we were looking for in an agency.

Barbara, Head of Corporate Communication at Gelato

We have been implementing inbound marketing for over 6 years.

We’re a Finalist of the HubSpot Inbound Campaign of the Year competition, and a HubSpot Platinum Partner; we also hold all current HubSpot certificates.

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