Website Development
in 7 phases

We created over 350 templates in Hubspot for 50 clients that were seen by milions of visitors.

There is no need to make any of the same mistakes again and waste time, money and build frustration.

We have an individualized approach to to how we handle each new client’s website.

Your audience, products, and brand are unique and we use this to enhance your page.On the other hand, inbound marketing best practices, conversion rate, rules and visitors behavior are similar. We combine our knowledge of previous experience with with your uniqueness to deliver the very best user experience while taking care of marketing performance.

Preparation and following the process is crucial to achieving the desired results and avoid mistakes.

6Minded Is a dream to work with. Our landing page project was delivered with excellence. The quality is modern and in accordance to benchmarks. The design work is creative and his Dev skills are top notch.


Unclear flow

If it’s hard to understand the flow of a page, people often don’t perform the desired action we want, such as downloading lead magnets, requesting demos, signing up etc.

Wrong feedback timing

Changin page’s layout while it’s already developed and live means we are doing one more page. Working on layout while prototyping gives us unlimited number of quick iterations, threfore saving time and money.

Messy structure

We make sure that you have clear clear website architecture so people won’t be confused and therefore leave your website quickly.

Visual inconsistency

There are visual differences between the web pages that shows a lack of branding or professionalism can hurt conversion rates.

Lack of compatibality

Pubish website that looks bad on some?popular devices.

Exploratory warehouse

We create a written document with all information , based on:

  • Discussions with you
  • Analysis of your brief, current website, sales materials etc.
  • Competitors audit
  • Inspirations research

Final Outcome: 
Document that contains all information, needs, sugesstions ideas


Real Time Board

Google Docs


A sitemap is a model of a website’s content designedto help both users and search engines navigate the website.

What we agree on:

  • Hierarchy for all pages
  • Structure of the menu
  • Draft titles for each page
  • Basic descritpion of each page
  • Languages versions

Final Outcome:
Visual map of all pages grouped by type.



The prototype displays the functional elements of a website or page, typically used for planning a site’s structure and functionality.

What we agree on:

  • Each page layout
  • Written content for each page
  • Linking between the sites
  • Inspirations research
  • Page’s interactions

Final Outcome:
Gray scale layout for every ?page with content written and functionality described.



Graphic Mockup

What we agree on:

  • Visual (colors, fonts, spacings)
  • Graphic elements (icons, pictures, screenshots)

Final Outcome:
Full size model of the websiteand Style Guide for all future work.




Hubspot development

We code the pages in Hubspot using modules in Design Manager using and HubL language. Why?

  • Edit content on each page directly from Hubspot UI. Use the What You See Is What You Get editor.
  • Add more elements (e.g. testimonials or clients logos)in mere minutes.
  • Add more pages based on the same templates (e.g. new services or case studies).
  • Add new languages using Hubspot Languages Feature.
  • Make use of full potential of Hubspot COS, including smart content, A/B testing, CTAs and analytics.
  • Implement any changes in global element, and it will update in seconds across the entire website(e.g. the address in the footer).

Final Outcome:
Easily editable templates and pages in Hubspot.

Hubspot Marketing Optimization

We set up all of the analytics, so you can easily track their performance over time. We also, create segments of your visitors, so you can offer them personalized content.

All elements in Hubspot are grouped, named andorganized in a way that’s easy to understand for everyone.

Final Outcome:
Organized website as a part of your entire?marketing effortsin Hubspot.

Website Testing and Publishing

Using Hubspot built-in testing tool as well as third partyapps, we test your website on different devices and operating systems, so you can make sure it looks goodfor every visitor.

When you’re happy that everything is in working order, will publish your page and all of your website visitors will have a fresh new experience!

Final Outcome:
Published website with mobile responsiveness.

We delivered websites using that
process in 2019 to:

Hubspot International Campaign of

the Year Award for our people


Hubspot Templates developed

15 000

Hours spent on Hubspot portals


Workflows created


Hubspot Accounts Managed

1 500 000

Contacts managed in HubSpot


Years working with the first client

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