The Doctors Answer Improve Brand Awareness and Increase Visibility with a Content Marketing Program

The Doctors Answer is a medical only answering service with 25 years of experience in providing specialized services for physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, dentists and other health businesses.


Lack of time for the design and implementation of an integrated marketing strategy

How We’ve Helped TDA

The Doctors Answer is a leading US call answering provider serving exclusively the medical industry. Currently providing its services to 3,000 healthcare businesses and professionals, the company has reached the stage of stable growth and is now looking to grow its customer base and increase profit value.

To help The Doctors Answer enhance client engagement, 6Minded has developed a comprehensive content marketing program encompassing a close analysis of the existing marketing efforts, followed by recommendations for the future, and the delivery of actionable content assets to the company blog and other media.

Marketing Audit

Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of the existing marketing tools, campaigns, and resources. Pinpointing marketing strengths and weaknesses and identifying areas for improvement.

Strategy Development

Analyzing and identifying the company’s target buyers, competitors, and best channels of promotion. Identifying the client’s unique selling proposition to reach out for untapped opportunities.

Campaign Execution

Organizing all contacts, emails, pages, lists, workflows, and campaigns into a single system for maximum efficiency. End-to-end system integration and migration of data to a new platform.


Selecting the optimal channels for automated, targeted content distribution to drive more traffic. Disseminating content to specific audiences via the chosen channels of distribution.

Content Creation

Developing a long-term content roadmap for the company’s blog and other platforms. Creating content assets (blog posts, videos, emails, ads) aligned with every step of the buyer’s journey.

Lead Management

Optimizing the efficiency of the existing marketing software to generate more qualified leads. Providing automation enhancements for streamlined management of the sales pipeline.