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  1. Want to localize your business’ website to fit a different country’s culture and target market. This service includes translation.
  2. Want to expand, but think setting foot on a new market is just too expensive and complicated.
  3. Are ready to talk to someone who understands the challenges of going international and can give you the right advice.

Translated by the local people

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The 6Minded team are great to work with. They are responsive, open to feedback and adaptive to changes in the project. Their deep subject knowledge enabled them to give us direction and advice – just what we were looking for from an agency that would also execute what they promised.

- Barbara from Gelato Globe, Oslo -

Why work with us

We know B2B inbound marketing inside out.

We have access to growing and active local networks.

We work with local specialists who know what the market wants.

We let you test new markets before you take the plunge, and do it cost-effectively.

We let you build brand awareness in a targeted country before you even attempt to sell, so selling becomes easy.

Because you’ll get excellent Google rankings in multiple languages.

We take it further

Extensive research of the local market and your industry is the base of each one of our projects. Once your website is ready to go, we’re happy to offer additional marketing support.

Why struggle to understand what works half across the world when you can outsource it all to the best in the trade? For more information, fill the form above.