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Our proven inbound techniques include:

Establish inbound marketing strategies specific to your needs.
Analyze and optimize marketing campaigns for better ROI.
Develop nurturing campaigns that keep your contacts involved.
Create compelling content to engage your clients.
Design and code emails, landing pages, product sites and blogs.
Strenghen your brand attraction drawing people to your site.
Align your marketing and sales team to maximize collaboration.
Bold and innovative ideas to ensure your company's success.

Companies we've helped

  • Providing IT Optimization services they have helped clients capture incremental value in excess of $100 billion since 2002. Beginning in 2002, NET(net) has specialized in IT optimization services that analyze investments and negotiate technology deals destined to boost your company’s strategic value.

  • Docplanner began in Poland and now—thanks in part to $50M from investors— serves over 15 million visitors in multiple countries across the globe. This medical and dental booking platform matches patients with doctors and dentists in their vicinity and also offers physician services like appointment reminders, calendaring, and review management. Docplanner.com also operates as a Software as a Service (SaaS) application.

  • Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Sharevault offers clients secure document sharing and data room management tools crucial for business in today’s virtual world. Unparalleled control over shared documents includes remote shredding, granular access controls, secure printing and more.

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) provider is Grokker, an online, premium video network made up of cooking, fitness and relaxation videos led by industry experts. Whether you prefer yoga or kickboxing, Thai food or protein pancakes Grokker has something for everyone. Backed by $22M this Silicon Valley company is going places.

  • Gelato is a Norwegian company valued at around $200M. Gelato Globe exists as a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider to more than 60 countries worldwide. Gelato focuses on intelligent global printing solutions on-demand and local.

  • Based in New York and Milano, it’s an actionable data platform for the physical world. Raised over $1M. Do you want to know the best place to grow your business? Measurence can help. With their powerful customer analytic tools they can ascertain consumer behavior and identify patterns in people’s offline activity.

  • This Belgium-based software company offers multi-level data storage and file management tools that include analytics and file organization.

  • Prowly provides software for PR teams around the world. Because Prowly operates as a Software as a Service (SaaS), clients can get up and running quickly through their online services. With drag and drop content features users can create press releases, media content, and brand journals in no time at all. Investors could see Prowly’s potential and they quickly raised $1.1M in seed funding.

People who thanked us


We are more than happy with the work on this project and look forward to hiring for more projects in the future. They are responsive, creative, and diligent in every phase of the work.

- Dexter, Holland -

6Minded was very easy to work with a delivered high quality work. He brought some good ideas to the project and always delivered what was promised on schedule. I would hire him again.

- Richard, San Jose -

6Minded team is great to work with. They are responsive, open to take feedback and adapted to changes in the project. Their deep subject knowledge enabled them to give us direction and advice – just what we were looking for in an agency.

- Barbara, Oslo -

6Minded team did a very great job in HUBSPOT in building module and design pages. We will work again with him.

- Valery, Gent -

The professionalism and quick responsiveness that we got is unlike any other company we worked with. They made us feel so comfortable. Incredibly true and high value!

- Marta, Warsaw -
Mediator Academy

Excellent communication and pleasure to work with 6Minded team

- Aled, London -

6Minded delivered good work!

- Joanna, Milan -
United Food Concept

6Minded is definitely in the top re. topical knowledge and strategic insight

- Tim, Budapest -

6Minded by numbers

  • 30

    Hubspot accounts managed

  • 7000

    Hours spent in Hubspot portals

  • 2500

    Workflows created

  • 150

    Hubspot templates developed

  • 650000

    Contact managed in Hubspot

  • 53

    Months working with first client

  • 1

    Hubspot International Inbound marketing campaign of the year Awards for our people

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